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Like The Language of Flowers? The meaning of the patterns in Japan

Straight to the point! Many traditionally used patterns have meanings. Japanese culture also has used uncountable numbers of patterns. In this article, we introduce 3 patterns used in Japan. We hope this knowledge would help you someday to pick surveyors for your friends and family.

SHOUSETSU(小雪) [more than 4 seasons]

The 20th season of the 24 seasons. SHOUSETSU is the season Japanese people start to get ready the seasonal gifts called “OSEIBO (お歳暮)”. And the seasonal weather which is perfect for you to visit Japanese Garden.

A Japanese Gift Custom to Enhance Your Business| Impress your client | The Biggest Gift Market in Japan

OSEIBO is the biggest annual gift custom in Japan. Not just because it is culturally important for Japanese people to have good business relationships, it could be a huge opportunity for you, so we thought this information might be useful for you. Did you know that the OSEIBO market size is bigger than the Christmas one, in Japan?

5 Ways to Expand Your Trip Experience in Japan with Traditional Crafts

Today, let’s talk about how to enjoy the world of Japanese traditional crafts! 5 ways to enhance your experience while you stay in Japan.

RITTOU(立冬) [more than 4 seasons]

It’s Official! Winter has come! Watch out for The 1st “KOGARASHI(木枯らし)”!
Today, we will tell you about 3 THINGS about the kind of wind blows this time of the year.
Because it is one of the great examples of “the 24 seasons” are used in our life!
When the wind blows, our head curator starts to think about how to spend her New Year Holiday.